Canté Lisboa

Project description

Canté Lisboa is one of Portugal’s most famous beach and summer wear brands, with a very strong presence on the top-of-mind of their segment’s consumers.

Canté approached Junta with a challenge: to develop a brand new online shop, that had to have a solid and functional backoffice, integrated with their ERP in order to allow a great control over sales, stocks, clients and deliveries.

Junta has worked closely with the Canté team to develop this project, so that the solution presented could present itself as the best fit possible to their workflow and as a tool to maximize their efficiency, specially in peak moments!

We strongly believe we nailed it!

Hope you like what you see at www.cantelisboa.com and, in the process, buy some bikinis or… underwear!

Project details

  • Client: CANTÊ LISBOA

  • Category: ERP Integration, Online Store, Web Application

  • Data Created: 2016

  • Launch Project